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Zadar is ranked as one of the fastest growing hubs for digital nomads in Croatia by Nomad List. It’s easily accessible by road, sea and air. Zadar has a very affordable cost of living, abundance of nature and recreation and a growing coworking and business community. If you have the option to work from anywhere, now is the ideal time to experience the Zadar lifestyle.
Discover Zadar’s coworking, networking and recreation scene.


LIFE – but with FAST Wifi (OBV!)

Nestled amid 6 major national and nature parks – on land and water, unplug and find a mountain peak, lake, or island in under 60 minutes.

Zadar is scenic and very walkable. Like most of Croatia, the strong cafe culture is everywhere in the city. Start your morning sipping on coffee with locals and your laptop, or choose to work from your apartment or one of the city’s coworking spaces. When the weekend comes, the nature parks beckon. Choose from hiking trails and climbing in Paklenica, birdwatching on Vrana Lake or set sail for the Kornati Islands and experience this unique archipelago. Or, simply head to the closest beach for a swim or stroll. Any day of the week!

Kornati stones

We know you need to be productive. Zadar has all the ingredients.

Zadar and the region have a range of options for you to get to work as soon as you arrive. (And in between all the fun stuff). Whether you prefer to work from your apartment, or mix it up with a morning coffee as you read your emails for the day in the sunshine, there are coworking spaces and cafes to help you – as well as a growing number of events and initiatives for the remote work lifestyle.

Zadar Coworking Spaces

Zadar has two fully equipped coworking spaces. COIN opened in 2015. And Code Hub, part of Interreg CBA’s network with Mostar, Tuzla, and Niškić.

Working From Cafes

There are over 100 cafes listed on Google Maps in Zadar. We recommend finding one with outdoor seating if you’re a non-smoker.

And…Opening late 2022

Zadar’s New Innovation Centre is set to open in 2022. The location is 4km from the Zadar Peninsula and will have over 30 seats, 3 meeting rooms and conference halls.

Coworking in Biograd

Located 30 minutes from Zadar, Biograd n/m hosts a modern business incubator centre and coworking space for great rates. NB Base in Biograd or use private vehicle transport to access.

Work From Zadar

Zadar’s technology eco-system is growing. Throughout the year, there are a number of workshops hosted at coworking spaces and in collaboration with other cities in Croatia and the region. If you’re looking for the ideal blend of lifestyle in the Mediterranean, with productivity and a growing social and business scene – Zadar and the region welcomes you.


Zadar, like much of Croatia, is really showing it can offer everything you need for the digital nomad lifestyle. It’s so easy to access from Split or Zagreb – and add a range of day trips. What I love to see most is the drive to grow and reach out to more remote professionals
around the world. I really believe Zadar is a must-see when you are in Croatia.
Dean Kuchel

Dean (Nimrod) Kuchel, Digital Nomad Guru & Community Builder - Speaker 2CODE Conference, Budva

I spent a few weeks getting to know Zadar in June 2021 with my husband Sam. We found so much to see and do here, all of which easily fitted around my writing assignments. The whole place has a super chilled vibe, especially around the cliff beaches to the south of the city where we spent many an afternoon. You haven’t been to Zadar until you’ve seen 70-year-old men swan dive off cliffs!

Something we also loved about the city was its attention to produce. As a food and wine writer, this is such an important part of my life and I was delighted to be able to make use of the huge market in the city center and enjoy the wine culture that surrounds the city. It doesn’t hurt when your apartment host’s mother brings you freshly picked cherries from her garden either…

Sam and I are happy to be part of the movement Croatia is enjoying right now, to position itself as an ideal destination for digital nomads. We returned twice in 2021 and are looking to return again in 2022. Zadar included.

We’ve made lifelong friends and connections in Croatia – in fact, it’s probably the place where we found this easiest to do. We were never bored, and never lonely.

We sold everything we own – house and business included – to travel the world and yet spent 5 months in Croatia last year. That says something about the country. If you decide to visit, Zadar should definitely be a part of your itinerary. 

We’re open to connecting should you have any questions.

Charlie brown

Charlie Brown, Digital Nomad - Writer and Author - Find Charlie on LinkedIn, Medium and Substack

I unabashedly love Croatia. While I’ve been based in various cities, I made it a point to explore as much of the country as possible and Zadar was an absolute highlight. Love at first sight. Couple the joy of the city with easy access to some stunning nature and add in the convenience of the digital nomad permit and the growth is inevitable. I can definitely see Zadar starting to get on the radar for people.

Steve Tsentserensky

Steve Tsentserensky, Croatia Digital Nomad Visa holder. Zagreb Digital Nomad Ambassador 2021. He often cameos (and goes viral) on CNBC. All round nice guy.


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